What is ZABRA?

ZABRA is an ordering solution that allows you to order in e-stores without prepayment.


E-shoppers want to get acquainted with the ordered goods in the e-store to the same extent as in a regular store. Thanks to ZABRA, the e-store can offer it conveniently and securely to its e-customers.


With ZABRA, e-shoppers do not have to take financial risks or pay for goods that they have not actually received yet. With the ZABRA ordering solution, e-store customers can order products without prepayment, conveniently try them and make a stress-free purchase decision.

Order in the e-store without prepayment

This is exactly as it sounds. Order from the e-store without paying a cent using the ZABRA app. Get acquainted with the goods and choose the products that fit you.

Return what doesn`t fit

If the ordered goods are not suitable for any reason, you have the right to return the product within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods in accordance with the terms of sale of the e-store.

Pay to ZABRA

Pay only for what you decided to keep. Pay ZABRA for the kept products within 30 days and pay only the purchase price you saw in the e-store.

ZABRA mission

Our mission is to provide customers with a convenient e-shopping experience, giving them the opportunity to pay only for what they choose to keep. Convenient ordering method without prepayment is a modern reality that we want to offer to our business partners and their e-customers. We are sure that the customers of the e-stores appreciate the opportunity to order goods without prepayment.

How to use ZABRA?

  • Download ZABRA app

    Use the "App Store" or "Google Play" to download and install the ZABRA mobile app.

  • Fill the shopping cart

    Fill in the shopping cart and scan the Aztec Code.

  • Identify yourself

    Identify yourself and confirm the order through Smart-ID.

  • Check out the goods

    Receive the ordered goods, get acquainted with the goods conveniently. Return to the e-store what is not suitable for you.

  • Pay to ZABRA

    Pay ZABRA within 30 days of the delivery date for what you have chosen to keep.

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy the new shopping experience. Order more with ZABRA.



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Enjoy new shopping experience. Order without prepayment using ZABRA