Try Before You Buy Pay Easily

No fees or interest. No upfront payment

Try before you buy

This is exactly what it sounds like. Get to try online store products before you purchase them. It’s the closest thing possible to shopping in a brick-and-mortar store

Easy returns

For the items you don`t want, you can send the products back to the store and pay only for what you decide to keep

Pay later in 30 days

No upfront payment. Pay easily within 30 days from the delivery date

ZABRA is the new trend

Our solution allows shoppers to try products from the comfort of your own home and easily return what you decide not to keep. No upfront payment is necessary. The Pay Later option with ZABRA is always a free feature for shoppers

It can`t be better

Get the best shopping experience. Use our secure and easy mobile solution, which includes various mobile-based functions (shops catalog, creating and managing a user account, placing orders, order tracking, history, etc.)

How ZABRA works?

Easily. No credit card required

  • Download the app

    Use "App Store" or "Google Play" to download and install the ZABRA mobile app

  • Fill the shopping cart

    Fill the shopping cart at a partner`s online store

  • Confirm order

    Verify your identity and confirm order using ZABRA mobile app

  • Try products

    Receive items, try them on and return what does not fit within 14 days from the delivery date

  • Pay later

    Pay later to ZABRA in 30 days from the delivery date for what you keep

  • Have fun

    Enjoy your new shopping experience

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Try our modern eCommerce solution and enjoy the best shopping experience

Try Before You Buy. Pay Easily With ZABRA