How to order using ZABRA

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  • How to order with ZABRA
  • The ZABRA solution allows you to order in the e-store without prepayment. Thanks to the ZABRA solution, the e-shopper can try ordered items at a comfort of a home and choose the right product that suits him best, return what doesn`t fit and pay to ZABRA only for kept items. With ZABRA, the e-shopper makes a purchase decision comfortably and stress-free.
  • ZABRA is always free for the customer.
  • To use the ZABRA service, the buyer does not have to submit his debit or credit card details to the online store or platform.
  • When placing an order, the e-shopper must identify himself / herself in the ZABRA app using SMART-ID. With ZABRA, the buyer no longer has to take financial risks or pay for goods that he has not actually received yet.
  • ZABRA step-by-step
  • 1. Select ZABRA at checkout on the Online store;
  • 2. Scan Aztec Code using ZABRA app;
  • 3. Verify your identity and confirm the order on the ZABRA app (Smart-ID);
  • 4. Receive  your order in the way you chose when placing the order in the online store;
  • 5. Try your purchases in the comfort of your own home and if you need to send them back you have 14 days from the date you received the order to return or exchange it. If you return part of the order, we will change the order amount;
  • 6. On the 21st day after receiving the goods, we will send you a payment notification by e-mail and ZABRA app, which indicates the amount to be paid, the payment deadline, and the bank details of ZABRA Solutions OÜ. If the sent payment notification still reflects the products that you have actually returned to the online store, you must contact the customer service of ZABRA Solutions OÜ by e-mail at
  • 7. Pay ZABRA the amount indicated in the payment notice within 30 days of receipt of the goods.
  •  The payment shall be deemed to have been paid on time and as required if the amount indicated in the notification has been received in the current account of ZABRA Solutions OÜ no later than the payment date indicated in the notification.
  • Payment details
    • When making a payment, make sure that the beneficiary name and the bank account number match the information indicated in the payment notification. When making a payment, please enter the number of the payment notification as payment description. In case of questions or problems you can contact OÜ ZABRA Solutions customer support by e-mail
    • If something went wrong and you did not receive a notification for payment, you can pay for the goods yourself. OÜ ZABRA Solutions bank details:
    • Beneficiary name: ZABRA Solutions OÜ
    • Beneficiary account (IBAN, EUR): EE047700771006286759
    • Payment details: Personal code; e-store order reference number
    • Return of goods and claims
    • When using the ZABRA solutions, the standard right of the customer to return the goods within 14 days is valid.
    • To return or exchange the goods, the buyer must, within 14 days from the receipt of the goods in accordance with the terms of sale of the online store, submit to the seller a declaration of withdrawal from the contract.When exercising the right to withdraw from the contract, the buyer must return the goods to the seller no later than within 14 days from the date of filing the application for withdrawal.
    • The online store notifies ZABRA Solutions OÜ of the returned products and according to the information provided, OÜ ZABRA Solutions recalculates the final amount to be paid.
    • All complaints and claims related to the quality of the goods must be submitted by the buyer directly to the online store. If the seller of the goods violates the contract of sale concluded with the buyer, the requirements of which were transferred to ZABRA Solutions OÜ, the buyer cannot demand a refund of money paid to OÜ ZABRA Solutions based on the submitted claims, if the buyer can demand a refund from the seller. If the purchased product contains a defect, the customer has the right to contact the online store with a complaint both verbally and in writing. The online store must accept the complaint and respond to the customer in writing within 15 days. If the online store refuses to consider the complaint or the buyer does not agree with the solution proposed to him, the buyer can file a complaint with the Consumer Dispute Commission. In addition to the foregoing, disputes with the online store may also be resolved out of court using european online tools .
    • Before placing an order and using ZABRA, we ask you to independently assess your solvency so that you are able to pay for the ordered goods on time and in full.

    Enjoy new shopping experience. Order without prepayment using ZABRA